SCC Executive Meeting — February 9, 2015

Download as PDF: SCC Minutes February 2015 MINUTES SCC Executive Meeting Monday, February 9, 2015 7PM – Zion United Church Rec Centre   Meeting commenced: 7:11PM Present: Jonathan, David, Celeste, Lee, Councillor Johnson, Connie, Mike, Raychyl, Anne, Michelle, Dominic, Ed C Regrets: Jessica, Santo, Jen, Mark, Kathleen (guest), Roxanne (guest), Christine, Brian, Monica, Ryan, Sgt. Gino Ciarmoli, Greg, Maggie, Jason Early Departures: Lee, Raychyl Additions to Agenda: Treasurer transition: Currently Jen, Dawn and Jonathan are signatories; Dawn was Treasurer; Michelle needs to take Dawn’s spot; Jonathan to organize a meeting between himself, Michelle and Jen asap to finalize transition. Jonathan will let SCC know of any other changes. Ed requested that a copy of the Treasurer’s Report be included at SCC meetings; that will occur once Michelle is transitioned to her new position Jonathan will email a copy of the 2013/2014 SCC Treasurer’s Report from the AGM to all SCC members Approval of Minutes: From September: in abeyance (as per December Minutes “Minutes of last official meeting not approved. Members who attended last meeting were not in attendance this evening.” To be added to March Agenda. Motion by Lee: To approve January Minutes. Seconded by: Mike.   Discussion ensued regarding liaison opportunities/appointments. Concerns were aired regarding lack of process and need for clear procedures, constitution, by-laws, transparency, etc. in these situations.   Constitution SubCommittee continuing to address (more information in Item # 4). Carried.  Ongoing Topics: Item #1, Strathcona Crime Report: No report. Item #2, Ward 1 Update from Councillor Johnson: The Mount St. Joseph building does not have a heritage building designation; the demo permit was approved and issued during...

SCC Executive Meeting — January 12, 2015

Download as PDF: SCC Minutes January 2015 SCC Executive Meeting Monday, January 12, 2015 7PM – Zion United Church Rec Centre Meeting commenced: 7:02PM Present: Jonathan (President), Sgt Gino Ciarmoli (HPS), A/Sgt Steve Whalen (HPS), Dave, Ed, Mark, Brian McHattie, Councillor Johnson, Connie (Secretary), Ed S (VP), Anne, Lee, Michelle (Treasurer), Michael, Celeste Regrets: Jason, Jessica, Raychyl, Krist, Greg, Maggie, Jen Approval of Minutes: From September: in abeyance (as per December Minutes “Minutes of last official meeting not approved. Members who attended last meeting were not in attendance this evening.” From December:   Moved by Dave to approve; seconded by Ed S. Items: Item #1: Sgt. Ciarmoli reports that for the period of December 1, 2014 through January 10, 2015, in the Strathcona neighbourhood, there was one robbery, two residential B&E’s, and two car thefts. This data can now be found via a new HPS tool available through the HPS website. The data shows incidences (to within a block, approximately) and is updated every 24 hours. Data is searchable up to 60 days prior and will soon be linked to CrimeStoppers; suspicious activity can also be reported this way and is helpful for the HPS to have on file. Sgt. Ciarmoli is available to answer questions, or 905-540-5093. Item #2: Councillor Johnson brought guest, ex Ward One councillor Brian McHattie, and introduced him in his new role as a sustainable development consultant, currently working with Paul Shaker and David Premi . Brian reports that he is currently consulting on behalf of developer Luciano Mandarino (Locke Street developer) on a project of 7 storeys, 84 units, with mixed use on the ground...

SCC Executive Meeting — December 8, 2014

Download as PDF: SCC Minutes 2014 December Strathcona Community Council Executive Meeting held on December 8, 2014 At Zion Korean United Church   In attendance: Jonathan (President), Mark, Ed (VP), Lee, Dave, Mike, Anna, Michelle (Treasurer), Dominic, Rachel, Celeste, Ryan, Jessica, Cllr. Johnson, Sgt Ciarmoli Regrets: Greg, Krist, Monica, Jen, Connie, Brian Resigned: Dawn Graham We now have 26 members of executive Notation from Lee: The constitution, there is the original version and there is an updated version. Question: Who has copies and of which version?   Agenda Items: Sgt Gino Ciarmoli will be coming late Councillor Aidan Johnson will be coming late Approval of Minutes: Minutes of last official meeting not approved. Members who attended last meeting were not in attendance this evening. Bitcoin Presentation at The Staircase: Remarks were that the presentation was good despite the small turnout due to the weather. We can look at new venues to hold at The Staircase since their goal is to open more often. West Hamilton Seniors: This group was created last November, its mission is to create health and wellness for seniors in the area. They want seniors to able to address fitness, they have knitting and crocheting clubs, they play cards and board games. On Friday December 12, 2014 at St Joseph’s Catholic School, they are holding a Christmas event. The school choir and eukele choir will be performing. Turkey Rhubarb will be performing as well. There is parking available, the location of event is in the Locke and Herkimer area. Please contact Dominic if you have questions. West Hamilton Seniors (cont): This group focuses on people who are...

Mount St. Joseph Update

There has been a lot of interest in a Strathcona property that is currently approved for demolition by City staff. Our council executive had two members present at the Municipal Heritage Committee meeting taking notes.

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