Meeting Minutes

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Strathcona Traffic Changes – Meeting minutes

On March 30 a meeting with City staff regarding proposed changes to cycling and traffic routes in the Strathcona neighbourhood was held. Please find the minutes to the meeting here: 2017-03-30LRTforum For those of you who were there, if you have any suggested changes or corrections to the minutes please send them to:...

Strathcona Community Council – Draft Constitution

At the 2016 SCC AGM, a draft Constitution was voted on and accepted, subject to a few revisions proposed during the meeting (please see the minutes from the AGM here). At subsequent SCC Executive meetings the revisions were approved, and the revised, working draft is now the operating Constitution for the SCC. A motion to finalize the changes will be made at the 2017 AGM. Please see the working draft of the constitution here: SCC Constitution Draft...

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