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Strathcona Community Council – Draft Constitution

At the 2016 SCC AGM, a draft Constitution was voted on and accepted, subject to a few revisions proposed during the meeting (please see the minutes from the AGM here). At subsequent SCC Executive meetings the revisions were approved, and the revised, working draft is now the operating Constitution for the SCC. A motion to finalize the changes will be made at the 2017 AGM. Please see the working draft of the constitution here: SCC Constitution Draft...

SCC – Draft 2016 AGM minutes

The draft minutes for the 2016 AGM can be found below. Prior to the 2017 SCC AGM, updated minutes will be circulated, and there will be a motion to accept the minutes from the 2016 AGM, or accept any proposed changes. Please find the draft minutes here:...

SCC Executive Meeting [DRAFT] — June 08, 2015

This is a working draft. Minutes will be approved/adjusted at the July 2015 Executive Meeting Download as PDF: SCC Minutes June 2015 V3 MINUTES SCC Executive Meeting Monday, June 8, 2015 7PM – Zion United Church Rec Centre   Meeting commenced:  7:05PM   Present:  Mike, Michelle, Anne, Raychyl, Councillor Johnson, Ryan, Celeste, Jonathan, Dominic, Connie Regrets:  Santo, David, Greg, Ed Late Arrival:  Jessica (8:15PM) Absent:  Maggie, Jen, Mark, Krist, Patti, Christine, Lee, Jason, Monica   Additions to Agenda: Social Media Officer (as per Connie), terminology of Executive members on website/SCC correspondence (as per Connie), approval of April Minutes (as per Connie)   Approval of Minutes: From May:    to be added to the July agenda From April:  to be added to the July agenda   Topics:   Item #1, Ward One Update: Councillor Johnson re-iterated the news that the City of Hamilton will get LRT (from Main/Osler to the Queenston traffic circle); proposed operational by 2020 Councillor Johnson put forth a motion for the City to spend $300,000 on upgrading the very hard-working, load-bearing pillars at Dundurn Castle Plans are in motion now to improve the lighting at Dundurn Castle Park; expecting input from Heritage Committee to ensure lighting dovetails with the existing grounds Dundurn bus route issue is still active but no update at this moment; SCC reports no advancement with partnership with KNA at this point in time; Dominic has a petition related to this issue; Councillor Johnson stated that petitions are helpful in these instances   A motion to add an online survey to the SCC website on the Dundurn bus route issue was made, voted upon, but subsequently...
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