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Member Letters Regarding LRT

Below are letters to the SCC President from our members regarding the position this council should take on Hamilton’s LRT project. Please consider an SCC statement in support of Hamilton LRT. The transformation of our busy corridors will almost certainly address many neighbourhood concerns; excess vehicle lane capacity will be reallocated, Main Street will become 2 way, transit will gain priority as a travel mode, through trucks could be re-routed, speeding and noise will be reduced, underused properties will be redeveloped, to name a few. The inconvenience and disturbance of construction is easily tolerable when considering the outcome will be street repurposed with rapid transit, supporting increased density, improved land use, more efficient and environmentally sound travel options, greater neighbourhood vitality, and a renewed public realm. LRT will help Strathcona overcome its most negative elements, the overbuilt urban through highways denying us a truly livable community. We must not pass up this rare opportunity of a billion dollar investment from the province. Thank you, Jason Morse We are both proponents of the LRT and accept that the city chose King St. over alternate routes. As to the LRT, it’s true that some businesses will be affected during construction, but that isn’t unique to the LRT. Even sewer or road repair is going to affect nearby businesses. Loyal customers will keep visiting their favourite stores and perhaps the SCC can encourage people across the area to buy from these businesses, as well as Strathcona residents, to share the burden placed on them. As to people walking, using buses etc., there are alternate routes and buses will have detours presumably. I...

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