SCC Executive Meeting [DRAFT] — June 08, 2015

This is a working draft. Minutes will be approved/adjusted at the July 2015 Executive Meeting

Download as PDF: SCC Minutes June 2015 V3


SCC Executive Meeting

Monday, June 8, 2015

7PM – Zion United Church Rec Centre


Meeting commenced:  7:05PM


Present:  Mike, Michelle, Anne, Raychyl, Councillor Johnson, Ryan, Celeste, Jonathan, Dominic, Connie

Regrets:  Santo, David, Greg, Ed

Late Arrival:  Jessica (8:15PM)

Absent:  Maggie, Jen, Mark, Krist, Patti, Christine, Lee, Jason, Monica


Additions to Agenda:

Social Media Officer (as per Connie), terminology of Executive members on website/SCC correspondence (as per Connie), approval of April Minutes (as per Connie)


Approval of Minutes:

From May:    to be added to the July agenda

From April:  to be added to the July agenda




Item #1, Ward One Update:

  • Councillor Johnson re-iterated the news that the City of Hamilton will get LRT (from Main/Osler to the Queenston traffic circle); proposed operational by 2020
  • Councillor Johnson put forth a motion for the City to spend $300,000 on upgrading the very hard-working, load-bearing pillars at Dundurn Castle
  • Plans are in motion now to improve the lighting at Dundurn Castle Park; expecting input from Heritage Committee to ensure lighting dovetails with the existing grounds
  • Dundurn bus route issue is still active but no update at this moment; SCC reports no advancement with partnership with KNA at this point in time; Dominic has a petition related to this issue; Councillor Johnson stated that petitions are helpful in these instances


A motion to add an online survey to the SCC website on the Dundurn bus route issue was made, voted upon, but subsequently rescinded and replaced with a separate motion.


Motion by Celeste:   That the SCC request Councillor Johnson to facilitate a survey from his office to probe the neighbourhood’s interest in the Dundurn bus route extending from one end to the other.

Seconded:  Dominic



Item #2, SCC Constitution SubCommittee Report:

No report at this time.


  1. Membership and Code of  Conduct


Considerable discussion ensued.  The Constitution SubCommittee will present the membership component (code of conduct, definition, by-laws, enforcement) of the SCC Constitution at the July 14th general meeting for consideration, approval and immediate adoption.


Motion by Ryan:   That Ryan, Celeste and Raychyl moderate SCC email correspondence amongst members from now until the July 14th SCC general meeting (at which time the Membership component will be presented by the Constitution SubCommittee); and further, in the meanwhile, SCC members will keep email correspondence to a minimum and make their greatest efforts to refrain from any inappropriate language and tone.

Seconded by:  Jessica

In favour:  Raychyl, Jessica, Ryan, Celeste, Connie, Dominic, Mike

Opposed:  Michelle, Anne



Item #3, Treasurer Report


  1. Reimbursements to Jonathan and Maggie


Motion by Celeste:  That Connie will print the Board of Education receipt for the SOTG permit and deliver to Michelle immediately; Michelle will then process payment to reimburse Jonathan for the amount of $212.19, as Jonathan’s credit card was used for payment.

Seconded:  Dominic



Michelle processed Maggie’s reimbursement for the sheet that she donated to the SOTG, in the amount of $45.19 and gave the cheque to Jonathan to deliver to Maggie.


Michelle to address additional Treasurer’s issues at the July meeting.


  1. Paying the retro-active licence

Jonathan will continue to include Michelle in his correspondence with Mr. Cormier of Audio Cine regarding the copyright breach.  Jonathan will inquire with Mr. Cormier as to the official invoice for licence fees owed, and future fees.  According to Audio Cine’s website, pricing exceptions can be made.


Item #4, Butterfly Garden

The Replanting Party takes place on Saturday, June 13th, at 10AM.  Information can be found here (scroll down ¾ of the way down the page).


Motion by Connie:  That any continued support of any SCC endeavours be approved before they occur.

Seconded:  Jonathan



Item #5, Strathcona Property Development Public Forum

Jonathan presented a verbal report.  The SubCommitte (Jonathan, Lee, Jessica, Dominic and Raychyl) has had two meetings thus far.  The date has been confirmed as Monday, June 29th, at Erskine Church, 7-9PM.  Three development sites have been determined:  Harbour West (Barton & Crooks, the Dawn Victoria dev’t), Main & Margaret (now a Pat Consoli dev’t), and the Mount St. Joseph’s site (Vrancor).  Two or three representatives from the City will be in attendance (e.g. Councillor Johnson, planning department, Heritage Planning); more details to be confirmed.  Schedule will be:

6:45PM-7:00PM – SCC member volunteers arrive for set up

7:30PM-8:00PM – welcome (time to peruse tables)

8:00PM-8:30PM – remarks from developers

8:30PM-9:00PM – Q&A from attendees


Jessica is bringing/donating a pot of coffee; Ryan is bringing the leftover juice boxes from the SOTG.  Councillor Johnson’s office will print 4-up flyers for distribution (about 100 sheets); AB Best Printing will print letter-sized posters (about 40).  Ryan will create the flyer/poster artwork.  Distribution volunteers needed for approx. June 15 through 18th.  The West Hamilton Seniors’ Tea in the Park info will be on the flipside of the flyers.  Any and all volunteers needed to distribute flyers and put up posters.  SCC will also promote via the Facebook site, Twitter and eblast; Dale Brown will include this information in her eblast.  Michelle will use $10 from SCC bank account for the purchase of clear packing tape for postering and will email SCC members when she has this in-hand; a time/place will be coordinated to pick up posters, tape and flyers (e.g. Rolly Rockets).


Addition to Agenda:  Social Media Officer

Ryan is now officially the SCC Social Media Officer.


Additional to Agenda:  SCC Officers terminology

Ryan will amend the website to denote that the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Social Media Officer are the Officers of the SCC Executive (to distinguish from the Members at Large of the SCC Executive).


Additionally regarding the website, Connie will denote initial version of Minutes as “DRAFT” before they are uploaded to the website and prior to approval/acceptance.  Website content to be added to the July agenda.


Item #6, Tea in the Park

Dominic distributed flyers to present members (attached).  Volunteers are needed to both distribute flyers and assist with set up and tear down of this wonderful, free event; please contact Dominic Sorbara asap.  The event takes place at the King/Strathcona corner of Victoria Park, in and around the new Victoria Park Café (in inclement weather, the event will be moved to Erskine Presbyterian Church).


Item #7, Screen on the Green

Jonathan has volunteered to investigate and present costs at the July SCC general meeting of film options (e.g. Disney, National Film Board of Canada), insurance, materials needed, etc. to determine feasibility of putting on this event.


Michelle suggested a movie night incorporating the history of the neighbourhood; consensus was reached that this could be a separate event and/or a table to feature such information could be incorporated into the SOTG event.  If it is determined that the SCC will go forward with the SOTG, Jonathan will be looking for input and assistance in coordinating (e.g. SubCommittee).  Celeste suggested contacting The Mustard Seed for their involvement.



Connie reminded members that Minutes are to reflect actions of the meeting, e.g. documenting the processes and outcomes of the meeting, not transcribing verbatim what was said (unless it is a motion).  If any members want their discussion quoted and included, they need to email that information to Connie for inclusion in the Minutes.


Strathcona Crime Report:

Available online


Meeting Adjourned:   10:45PM


Next Meeting:

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015 at 7PM, Zion United Church Rec Centre
Signed:   C. Stefanson  (Connie Stefanson, Secretary), June 9, 2015