SCC Executive Meeting [DRAFT] — May 12, 2015

This is a working draft. Minutes will be approved/adjusted at the July 2015 Executive Meeting.

Download as PDF: SCC minutes may 2015

Strathcona Community Council

General Meeting

May 12, 2015


Chair: Jonathon Therien

In attendance: Celeste, Anne Marie, Raychel, Dominic, Michelle

Regrets: David, Ryan, Commie, Mike, Ed, Maggie, Brian, Jen, Mark

Regrets also sent by Sgt Ciarmoli and Clr Johnson


Item #1: Featured Guests from Environment Hamilton, Jen Baker and Juby


Phone: 905-549-0900

The guests came to talk about the pollinator project in Victoria Park, which was known as the Butterfly Garden. This project is the brainchild of the Hamilton Naturalist Club and Environment Hamilton. The idea is to create a pollinator centre which includes butterflies and bees and any other of the Creator’s creatures that would contribute to pollination. The emphasis is planting native plants.

This is the flagship project and Victoria Park has been chosen as the launch site. Paul O’Hara, a landscape designer, who has a local business, Blueoak Native Landscapes on Locke Street, is the designer. He is a specialist in native plants. The girls brought a picture of the proposed design.

Michelle asked the question:   How did Mr O’Hara land the contract?

The guests did not know about the selection process.

The proposed project has approximately $12,000 in funding. Around $3,000 came from the Participatory Budget project, most of the monies had been raised independently and the source(s) were not disclosed. They noted that Clr Johnson may have access to other funding pots.

They brought forward June 13, 2015 as the launch date and they brought a flyer they have been handing out. Michelle asked a question about the SCC’s name being on the flyer. Jonathon stated that a represent from the SCC was sent to their meeting, however that representative did not report back to the main table to get authorization to include the SCC on their flyer.


Michelle asked to have the SCC name removed from the flyer because the SCC representative did not follow procedure and consult the entire table.

Item#2: September 2014 meeting minutes were never approved.

Jessica stated she had attended that meeting and reviewed the minutes. She brought forth the motion to approve those minutes. It was passed, it was seconded by Dominic.


Item#3: Team Clean up

The secretary needs to verify that this item was discussed at the March general meeting. Michelle recollected that this information was sent out in email only and not discussed at the general table.

Jessica reported that no one showed up and that she was trying to recruit people from the park. Michelle noted that others at the table may not like the fact that this activity would show partisanship to Clr Johnson’s office, thus the result, no one showed up.

Jessica stated that three garbage bags were picked up and filled out a waiver. Jonathon was to follow up with Dale Brown to verify that the three bags were counted.

Item#4: Mount St Joseph’s

Jonathon referred to item #7 from the April 2015 minutes, he was not happy that the secretary had written the words that the consensus of table was to wait until some sort of movement happened. Dominic was also very unhappy that the secretary had not recorded any of his comments at the April meeting into the minutes.

Jonathon, as chair started to make a motion in Jessica’s name even though at this point, Jessica had not even spoken on this issue. Michelle blocked his attempt to make a motion because as chair, he cannot make motions.

After this exchange, a motion was brought forward by Jessica to set up a subcommittee to get developers to discuss information regarding all development projects in Strathcona neighbourhood.

Michelle brought up the question of quorum as only five members at large had shown up to the meeting and only two of the executive. Jonathon ignored the question of quorum and proceeded ahead. Michelle managed to have a vote taken on this issue, the vote was 6 yes and 1 no. Michelle added to the motion that the subcommittee must report back to the main table before making any formal decisions. (It should be noted that Jonathon has sent out a



email, which the subcommittee has already set a date and is proceeding forward without consulting the main table, which violates the agreed upon motion.)

Item #5: meetings being recorded

Dominic brought forth a motion to have all meetings recorded, this motion passed, so from here on in, all meetings will be recorded.


Item #6: Intensification

There is to be a formal dialogue at Liuna Station on June 16, 2015, no time was given. The idea is to bring the following neighbourhoods together: Beasley, Central, North End, Kirkendale and Durand to talk about intensification. Mike Borelli, who is a Beasley represent has co-ordinated this project. They have invited keynote speaker in an effort to set up a roundtable meeting on the issue of urban development. Jonathon was to send official notification of those SCC members recorded who showed interest in this meeting.


Item #7: $50 donation

A $50.00 donation has been given from the Strathcona Community Garden to offset some of the cost of the Screen Off the Green, copyright issue. Michelle asked if she should send out a thank you card and official receipt. Jonathon state he was going to handle this because he has the cards which cost the SCC $123.00 before the AGM.

The treasurer noted that the SCC did not receive any official documentation or receipt stating the money had actually come from the Strathcona Community Garden. (It is noted that the treasurer has communicated to Ms Lee Baxter, the SCC needs that documentation, for the record. Ms Lee Baxter confirmed something would be coming from their secretary. As of writing these minutes, that receipt has not been received)

Item #8: Screen Off the Green

The first issue was the permit fee for the use of the Gym at the school. Ms Lee Baxter had previously inform the table that cost would be $95.00 at one meeting and at the next meeting, the fee would be $30.00. Jonathon handed the treasurer two sheets of paper, claiming these sheets represented the receipt of $212.19. After looking at the paperwork, the treasurer stated, this was not a receipt, it was a printout of a fee schedule. The treasurer advised that Jonathon needed to bring in a copy of his credit card statement, with the acct numbers blacked out to verify payment. The secretary needs to confirm with minutes the authorization for Jonathon to pay $212.19, for something that was communicated to be either $95.00 or $30.00.


Item #8: Continued

Outstanding copyright issue: The secretary needs to confirm with minutes that the issue of the licensing had been taken care of before and that there would be no problem. Given the turn of events, we now all know that dishonesty was brought forth, the licensing issue was never taken care of, and thus now we have an impending bill.

Jonathon took his usual stance, that the SCC is only a small group of volunteers and not a professional organization. The treasurer reminded him that the SCC has assets, a bank account with funds in it, thus it is more than just a group of volunteers, it is a professional organization, with funds and the possibility of legal actions could strip the group of their limited funds. We must look at this situation seriously, because Jonathon has decided to play a copyright lawyer, citing Section 27, Section 2 of the Copyright Act of Canada. The treasurer stated that on every DVD or tape, there is a warning against public showing, so Jonathon’s decision to play lawyer went without him consulting with the entire table, shows a lack of team work and co-operation and he is putting our very limited assets at great risk.

The treasurer has asked many times thru email very hard questions, which prompted, Jonathon to send out an email detailing the conversation thread with Mr Cormier in Montreal. There is dishonesty in Jonathon’s email which contradicts the email sent out by Ryan just after the showing of the movie, Jonathon did not attend the Screen Off the Green and we did not actually take attendance. Jonathon was perturbed that Mr Cormier had the treasurer’s email, however if Jonathon read and answered his emails, then he would know.

Jonathon stated that he has not heard from Mr Cormier, yet the treasurer seen an email that was sent earlier that day. The table has not seen nor does Jonathon include the entire table in his communication process, very undemocratic.

A motion was passed to bring all this back to the next meeting. (It should be noted that Jonathon sent an email to the treasurer stating that the treasurer cannot refuse his paperwork, which does not provide actual proof of payment).


Item #9: Receipt from Maggie Steele

The treasurer asked Jonathon to provide minutes from before the AGM that shows direction for payment, as this is old business and should have been taken off before the AGM. (It should be noted that Jonathon stated in his email to the treasurer after the meeting, he has her sheet in a bag in his home. The treasurer responded to him that he should give her back her sheet, this would eliminate this bill.)



Item #10: Bank Charges

The treasurer finally received the records, as they exist and had no opportunity to go over the existing records. Jonathon wants the treasurer to stop the $2.00 fee for the printed bank statement and have the treasurer pay for printing costs and then hope that there would be reimbursement. After reviewing the records, the SCC has paid this $2.00 fee since 2011. The table needs to consider the controversy between the hundreds of dollars that have been wasted on the Screen Off the Green.  It is the Treasurer’s recommendation to continue receiving the Bank Statement for the records and paying the $2.00 fee.

Item #11: Constitution subcommittee

This subcommittee did not meet during the month of May and had nothing to report.

Item #12: Webpage and Face book page

It was reported that Ryan Price, who was out of the country, is now responsible for the upkeep of these communication tools. Ryan is to set up a calendar.

Item #13: West Hamilton Senior’s Fair

Dominic reported on his endeavor that is to be held on June 18, 2015 from 12:00 to 4:30pm. The emphasis of his fair is on health, wellness and proper diet. The Sons of Italy are attending as well as Boris Brott musicians??

Dominic has requested assistance with putting up flyers and help setting up and down on the day.


Item #12: Victoria Park Café

It is now open; it is suppose to be in operation 6 days a week from 9-5pm, if there are volunteers available.