SCC Executive Meeting — April 13, 2015

Download as PDF: SCC Minutes April 2015


SCC Executive Meeting

Monday, April 13, 2015

7PM – Zion United Church Rec Centre


Meeting commenced:  7:05PM


Present:  Ed, David, Anne, Michelle, Santo, Connie, Celeste, Mike

Regrets:  Ryan, Raychyl, Councillor Johnson, Brian, Jonathan, Jessica

Late Arrival:  Dominic (after PBAC meeting same night)

Absent:  Maggie, Jen, Mark, Krist, Patti, Christine, Lee, Jason, Monica, Greg


Additions to Agenda:

  • None


Approval of Minutes:


From September:  in abeyance (as per December Minutes “Minutes of last official meeting not approved.  Members who attended last meeting were not in attendance this evening.”   December’s Minutes were inadvertently re-approved instead of September’s Minutes.  Jonathan, please add to May Agenda.


Motion by Celeste:  To approve March Minutes

Seconded by:   Mike





Item #1, Recap of Screen Off the Green & Copyright issue:

About 100 in attendance.  Jonathan, please add Expenditures to May Agenda.  Additional expenses mentioned that weren’t previously discussed.  Dale Brown communicating with Audio Cine regarding copyright fees invoice. Consensus agreed that the SCC needs to be apologetic and cooperative.


Jonathan’s Notes:

Previous information on copyright law said if we owned the film and charged nothing to view we were permitted.  Perhaps the law has changed. Dale Brown of Aidan Johnson’s office is looking into it as well.


Item #2, Recap, Strathcona “Easter” Egg Hunt:

Jonathan, please add Expenditures to May Agenda.  Approx.  50-60 children attended; including adults around 100.  Good feedback; coffee appreciated.  Dominic, can you please send Connie an update on the Oxford component.  SCC needs to start earlier next year in planning process and needs to distribute flyers.  Celeste

suggested intensifying the theme by including a costume component; five extra eggs could be given to everyone who arrives in costume.  Some residents stayed after the event to assist with clean up.  Connie to send a thank you letter to Tim Horton’s at Dundurn Plaza.  Jonathan, can you please send a thank you letter to Fortino’s and Stanton.  Discussion ensured regarding the name of the event.


Motion by Santo:   That the SCC call its Easter Egg Hunt by its full name going forward, that being, the “SCC Easter Egg Hunt.”

Seconded:  Mike



Motion by Celeste:   That any SCC expenditures be discussed and approved by the SCC prior to being incurred.

Seconded:  Mike



Item #3, Update of Butterfly Garden Renewal


David provided an overview of his understanding in regards to Jen Baker (a consultant through the Pollinator Program/Hamilton Naturalists Club/Environment Hamilton) but as there are many outstanding questions (e.g. what’s the new plan to ensure that this doesn’t happen again, how did garden get into such a state, who is steering/approving/funding this process, how does Adopt-A-Park fit in), more information is needed.


Motion by Santo:  For the SCC to invite Jen Baker to the May SCC general meeting to clarify and provide an overview of the Butterfly Garden project prior to SCC discussion and maintenance plan involvement.

Seconded:  Mike




Through email discussions between David, Lee, Connie and Lia Bunting (neighbourhood resident, Butterfly Garden member) the following details were attained:

  • The Butterfly Garden was initially founded by the SAGE program at Strathcona School
  • Lee attended the Butterfly Garden Meeting on Tuesday, April 14th on behalf of the Victoria Park Community Garden Committee; she acquired a copy of a draft of the garden plan; much dependent upon funding; apparently $3000 was set aside from the previous participatory budget; the garden might be expanded, pathways added, and the plants are all to be native; plan may have to go in in stages because of the cost; there will be a planting ceremony on June 13th (Jonathan, please add that to the May agenda) including an “open doors” to the VPCGC and a plant swap (bring one, take one)
  • The Pollinator Program is set up through the Hamilton Naturalists Club and Environment Hamilton


Please find attached the Plant List Suggestions received from Paul O’Hara (Butterfly Garden designer/landscaper) and distributed to SCC members by Jonathan on April 15th.


Item #4, Report from the Treasurer:

Jonathan’s notes:

Jonathan needs to be reimbursed for the school permit and the chocolate egg purchase. Ryan purchased snacks for the SOTG.


  1. Eggs Cost – $206.66 – $100 (donation from Stanton Renaissance:  The Connolly through Maggie Steele) = $105.66 (Jonathan, please provide Michelle with the Stanton Renaissance receipt)
  2. School Permit – $212.29 – Lee, please provide Michelle with the permit receipt


Michelle reports a March 24th SCC balance of $1,194.22 and a current balance of $1,320.52.


Michelle reports that the SOTG made a net gain of approx. $67; Ryan has the overstock that didn’t sell that night. Connie suggested that the overstock be given out at the upcoming Team Up to Clean Up and/or donated to a food bank.  Ryan, can you please check for an expiry dates and apprise.


There are three signing officers:  Michelle, Jonathan, and Jen Dawson.  The SCC cheques cost approx. $8 (for 25) and there is a $2/month banking fee for bank statements, plus any additional transaction fees.


Celeste suggested that the SCC’s fiscal year, for Treasurer purposes, coincide with the annual Council term; to be addressed via the Constitution SubCommittee.


Jonathan Notes:

Expecting  $300 grant from City for community ice rink operation.  Not addressed/discussed.  Jonathan, please add to May agenda.


Michelle would like the Treasurer aspect of the SCC to be as legitimate as possible, to apply for potential grants, to apply for potential incorporation, etc., and therefore needs any and all records available. She recalls Jen D saying that there is a box of records available.  Due process is required; to be addressed by Constitution SubCommittee.  The 2013 Annual SCC Treasurers Report, discussed at the November AGM , was never distributed.  Jonathan or Dawn, please distribute to the current SCC members.


Motion by Mike:  That all Treasurer reports/records and Minutes available be supplied to Michelle asap (e.g. from Dawn, Jen, Jonathan), and going forward that this transfer of information take place within two weeks of the AGM.

Seconded by:  David



Item #5, SCC Constitution SubCommittee:


As quorum has never occurred since the forming of the 2013/2014 (11 members or less out of 23/24 members attending meetings), Celeste suggested that a minimum of 5 voters are needed to pass a motion, as opposed to traditional quorum; to be addressed in Constitution.


Attendance criteria was discussed.  Communication protocol was discussed.


SubCommittee working on a way to define how to present the Constitution prior to the AGM; consensus on continuing to receive SCC approval in components (e.g. the approved PreAmble); suggested to have the full


Constitution available on the SCC website by September 1st for public consideration and comments up to September 15th.  Jonathan, please add SCC Constitution Rules to the May agenda.


The Constitution Rules that the SubCommittee will bring to the SCC in May are:


      1. The President and all Executive Officers must have a thorough working knowledge of the SCC’s Constitution, By-laws and standing Rules.
      2. The Secretary will receive, disseminate, distribute and/or answer all correspondence received by the SCC, ensuring that transparency is top priority including that the entire SCC is included wherever appropriate.
      3. That all new members must receive a copy of the Constitution (and further, that it be available for viewing on the website)
      4. That the SCC’s mandate be communication outreach and engagement with the neighbourhood, first and foremost
      5. Possibility of paid membership for legitimacy and fundraising, e.g. $5/person, $10/household and that no funds be accepted from the Councillor’s office, any levels of government, or any gifts/services (including in-kind) be accepted by the SCC without approval of the SCC
      6. Incorporating the SCC immediately
      7. Agenda process needs addressing; either President/Secretary, or Officers as a whole to create
      8. Process of all facets of the SCC’s activities must be clearly addressed, detailed and followed
      9. Wording on “executive” needs to be clarified; usually the Executive are the Officers only with others being “members at large” but if the SCC wants the entire group to be referred to as the “executive” then the Officers must be formally denoted as such (way too confusing right now)
      10. Constitution will include detailed description of all roles of Officers
      11. That if the rules and by-laws of the SCC Constitution are not followed then the offender will be removed from the SCC as per the SCC Constitution and SCC deliberation and/or appeal process
      12. Standing Rules will appear immediately after Preamble in Constitution  including:
        1. Secretary correspondence as per above
        2. Impeachment/removal rules
        3. Attendance rules, e.g. if you miss three meetings without notice, you lose your membership; if you miss more than half of the scheduled meetings within one year you lose your membership


Members discussed purchasing annual Director’s Insurance plus possible event insurance; Jonathan please add to the May agenda.


Celeste brought her First Aid kit to the Easter Egg Hunt this year and suggests that the SCC always have one available at SCC events.


Motion by Connie:  That the SCC website be updated as comprehensively as possible immediately, inclusive of approved Minutes, and that it updated expeditiously and conscientiously going forward.


Seconded:  Mike



Ryan, do you need any additional materials to accomplish this?   Jonathan, is it accurate replace Krist’s name with Ryan’s on the SCC website as webmaster?


Item #6:  Recap Margaret and Main Development Meeting

SCC members who attended meeting report that biggest concerns voiced were regarding parking and alley.  The plans discussed at the meeting are essentially on the project’s website; there is also a feedback/comment online form.


Item #7:  Strathcona Property Development Public Meeting/Mount St. Joseph’s property

It was also revealed that talks have broken down completely with Vrancor and he has refused to meet with citizens/groups.  Dominic suggested that the SCC organize an info night for residents, as there could very well be residents who have no idea about the forthcoming demolition, and it was mentioned that heavy equipment has already bene seen onsite.  Consensus to revisit once site plan announced; not much anyone can do considering a legal demolition permit is in hand.


Item #8:   Native Plant Sale

Saturday, April 18, 10am to 3pm, Royal Botanical Gardens, 680 Plains Road West, Burlington

From Councillor Johnson/Dale Brown email:

Farmers Market style in the main parking lot.  Purchase native plants, trees and shrubs for your garden from local plant vendors.  Experts can answer your questions about increasing biodiversity by gardening with native plants and making your yard wildlife-friendly.  Everyone is welcome to this free event! Rain or shine (event will move indoors in inclement weather).  Cash sales only – ATM on-site.  For more details please contact Jen Baker at 905-524-3339,


Item #9:  Team Up to Clean Up:

April 25th, rain or shine.

Coordinated by the SCC’s Jessica Aird and Councillor Johnson’s office.   Volunteers needed.


Item #10:  Downtown N.A. Joint Meeting (Intensification), June 16th, LIUNA Station

Jonathan Notes:

An invitation from the Central, Beasley and North End N.A.’s to hold a conference on intensification in the downtown area of Hamilton. Duran and NA was also invited.  They are looking for representatives. There is a plan to have a keynote speaker then forum. Jonathan plans to attend. We need one or two more reps to attend.



Via email, Connie circulated that Michelle, Mike, Dominic and Santo also expressed interest.


Additional Info:

Strathcona Crime Report:

Available online


Meeting Adjourned:  approximately 10PM


Next Meeting:

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015 at 7PM, Zion United Church Rec Centre
Signed:   C. Stefanson  (Connie Stefanson, Secretary), April 16, 2015; amended June 7, 2015