SCC Executive Meeting March 10, 2015

The  March 2015 Minutes are available to download as a PDF

7PM – Zion United Church Rec Centre


Meeting commenced:  7:06PM


Present:  Jonathan, Celeste, Santo, Anne, Michelle, Mike, Brian, Lee, Sgt. Gino Ciarmoli, Greg, Ryan, Connie

Regrets:  Raychyl, David, Jason, Councillor Johnson, Monica, Ed S

Late Arrival:  Dominic

Absent:  Maggie, Jen, Mark, Krist, Jessica, Patti, Christine

Resigned:  Ed Castonguay


Additions to Agenda:

  • None


Approval of Minutes:


From September:  in abeyance (as per December Minutes “Minutes of last official meeting not approved.  Members who attended last meeting were not in attendance this evening.”   December’s Minutes were inadvertently re-approved instead of September’s Minutes.  To be added to April Agenda.


Motion by Celeste:  To approve February Minutes.

Seconded by:   Mike.



Continuing Topics:


Item #1, Strathcona Crime Report:

From February 1st through March 9th there were zero robberies, two break & enters (residential…an unlocked door and a utility shed), 1 incidence of graffiti (offenders were apprehended and charged), and 1 theft from an auto (car unlocked and electronics were stored visibly on seat).  HPS are planning for JUNOS and St. Patrick’s  Day events.


Item #9 (from New Topics), Hess Village Community Liaison Committee:

Abundant discussion begun and punctuated with background information from Jonathan.   Jonathan will pass along his HVCLC information (dating back to 2009) to the new rep for this Committee as he is stepping down this involvement.


Motion by Michelle:  For Brian Lewis and Mike Power to represent the SCC on this Committee.

Seconded by:  Lee



Item #2, Ward 1 Update from Councillor Johnson:

Councillor Johnson is diligently following up on:

  • Fortino’s parking lot and new pedestrian friendly entrance
  • Dundurn Bus Route


Item #3, Screen Off the Green:

Lee has submitted required paperwork to the HWDSB and should have confirmation tomorrow (March 11); permit was $28; Lee will submit to Michelle for payment.   Santo recommended inviting/promoting to Hess Street School and the OEYC on Queen North.  The proposed movie is Disney’s Big Hero 6.  Lee will check with Strathcona School as to whether or not the SCC can sell food/refreshments onsite, if attendees can bring their own snacks, and if there are any other food restrictions in addition to nuts.  Ryan will design a poster; AB Printing will print in colour this week; postering to begin immediately thereafter.  This will take place on Friday, March 27th; doors at 6:30PM; movie 7:00-8:45PM.  We will need volunteers to help set up and clean up afterwards.


Item #4, SCC Constitution SubCommittee:

Discussion on Item #3 of the Objectives; SubCommittee advised by members not to include the Charter of Rights details.  May or may not be incorporated elsewhere in the Constitution/by-laws.


Motion by Ryan:  For the SCC Executive to accept this submitted Vision/Objectives/Values document as the preamble to the SubCommittee working on the remainder of the Constitution.

Seconded:  Lee



Item #5, SCC Housing SubCommittee:

Some outreach conducted; no update at this time.


Item #6, Banking/Treasurer Appointment:

Appointment at RBC scheduled for March 12.  Signatories include Jonathan, Jen, Michelle and Maggie.


Item #7, Dave Andreychuk Foundation Fundraiser:

Brian brought posters and requested assistance from SCC for their distribution, as well as for assistance selling tickets.  Event to be promoted via SCC social media, also.  Councillor Johnson’s office to be apprised.  Brian will write an email synopsis on the event details and send to Jonathan for distribution to SCC members and e-newsletter list. ;


Item #8, Butterfly Garden Renewal:

David will attend this meeting taking place tomorrow at Environment Hamilton.


New Topics:


Item #10, Easter Egg Hunt:

Scheduled for Saturday, April 4th; meet at approx. 9:30AM with Egg Hunt beginning at approx.  11AM.   Will be promoted through flyer distribution and schools.  Park Tidy to take place on Friday the 3rd; time TBA.   Volunteers are needed for Park Tidy (gloves and garbage bags to be supplied) on Friday and for set up and clean up on Saturday.  Jonathan to contact Kiwanis regarding continued involvement.  Connie to contact Tim Horton’s regarding the donation of coffee (for sale, fundraising for SCC).  Members, please let Jonathan know if you are available to volunteer.


Item #11, Strathcona Property Development Public Meeting:

Members agreed that this is a good idea, inclusive of developers, City staff, and residents.  Jonathan will contact Councillor Johnson’s office regarding a date; once that is determined he has asked Lee to look at venue options.


Item #12, Membership Changes and Executive Definition:

To be determined via the Constitution SubCommittee process.


Other Business:   


Item #13 SCC Community & Committee Involvement

The SCC has reps on various community committees to gather information and update members at the subsequent general meeting.

As of today, those committees are:

  • Victoria Park Butterfly Garden (Dave, representative)
  • Screen On/Off the Green SCC (Lee, Ed S, Ryan)
  • HVCLC (Brian, Mike, representatives)
  • Police Superintendents Advisory Committee (Celeste, representative)
  • Constitution SCC SubCommittee (Santo, Mike, Michelle, Connie, Ed S, Lee, Dominic)


Item # 14 SCC Website:

Ryan will update SCC website (Fundraiser poster, Minutes, Agenda, members)


Meeting Adjourned:  10:26PM


Next Meeting:

Monday, April 13th, 2015 at 7PM, Zion United Church Rec Centre

Signed:   C. Stefanson  (Connie Stefanson, Secretary), March 10, 2015