SCC Executive Meeting — February 9, 2015

Download as PDF: SCC Minutes February 2015


SCC Executive Meeting

Monday, February 9, 2015

7PM – Zion United Church Rec Centre


Meeting commenced: 7:11PM


Jonathan, David, Celeste, Lee, Councillor Johnson, Connie, Mike, Raychyl, Anne, Michelle, Dominic, Ed C


Jessica, Santo, Jen, Mark, Kathleen (guest), Roxanne (guest), Christine, Brian, Monica, Ryan, Sgt. Gino Ciarmoli, Greg, Maggie, Jason

Early Departures:

Lee, Raychyl

Additions to Agenda:

Treasurer transition:

  • Currently Jen, Dawn and Jonathan are signatories; Dawn was Treasurer; Michelle needs to take Dawn’s spot; Jonathan to organize a meeting between himself, Michelle and Jen asap to finalize transition. Jonathan will let SCC know of any other changes.
  • Ed requested that a copy of the Treasurer’s Report be included at SCC meetings; that will occur once Michelle is transitioned to her new position
  • Jonathan will email a copy of the 2013/2014 SCC Treasurer’s Report from the AGM to all SCC members

Approval of Minutes:

From September: in abeyance (as per December Minutes “Minutes of last official meeting not approved. Members who attended last meeting were not in attendance this evening.” To be added to March Agenda.

Motion by Lee: To approve January Minutes.

Seconded by: Mike.


Discussion ensued regarding liaison opportunities/appointments. Concerns were aired regarding lack of process and need for clear procedures, constitution, by-laws, transparency, etc. in these situations.   Constitution SubCommittee continuing to address (more information in Item # 4).


Ongoing Topics:

Item #1, Strathcona Crime Report:

No report.

Item #2, Ward 1 Update from Councillor Johnson:

  1. The Mount St. Joseph building does not have a heritage building designation; the demo permit was approved and issued during the election when the Heritage Committee was in abeyance. The previously interested buyer (ex-orphan businessman from Burlington) is no longing in talks with Vrancor. Vrancor still open to City or private negotiations. Lee to check Secondary Plan for height restrictions, etc. and connect with Councillor Johnson. Councillor Johnson to continue to interact with Vrancor and City Planning Department. (FYI from Connie: )
    1. Jonathan to check in with residents via SCC e-newsletter as to any resident concerns with this development and/or interest in a more cohesive group/stance
    2. Discussion ensued; consensus reached for SCC to potentially facilitate a public meeting on the development; multiple times needed (varied throughout the day); feedback forms needed onsite; presentations/presenters/community partners
  2. Transit
    1. Councillor Johnson made a motion at last City Council meeting to reconfigure and extend duration of bus lane; Council ultimately voted to end the bus lane.
    2. Dundurn Bus route: nothing new to report. Councillor suggested strength in numbers via SCC joining forces with other Ward 1 neighbourhood assemblies (e.g. Dundurn South is in Kirkendall).
  3. The Shoppers Drug Mart Development has been resolved by the OMB; site plan approved; no changes planned since last update at AGM (site plan was available for viewing); no ground-breaking date yet.
  4. West Hamilton Seniors will receive PBAC funding of $200,000 for seniors’ recreational facilities/expenditures in Ward 1.
  5. New Developments:
    1. 290 Barton Street – nothing new to report at this time; plans conform to Secondary Plan with a minor zoning change; design will need to conform to Setting Sail plan; Councillor to continue pursuing details.
    2. 155 Ray St. N. – owner applying for 4 legal dwelling units in house + adding 1; community comments must be received by March 5.
  6. Jonathan asks that SCC members recommend the Dale Brown Ward One e-newsletter to residents as the SCC e-newsletter will not be as frequent any more.


Additional item:

  1. David asked for the status of the pedestrian study of the Fortino’s Plaza on Dundurn (this Fortino’s location has the most pedestrian traffic of all their locations); Councillor Johnson to check on the status of the crosswalk (between King and Main) and/or any other related details.

Item #3, Screen Off the Green:

Lee, Ryan and Ed offered to be SCC liaisons to Strathcona Elementary School (after December SCC meeting). Lee had a meeting with the school’s principal, Michele Moore; they are interested in partnering with the SCC for the Screen Off the Green. Capacity of gym is 400 without chairs; permit cost approx. $95; are looking at Friday,

March 27th; post-show caretaking to be provided by the School; Jonathan/Lee to confirm that insurance is covered by the School.

Motion by David: That the SCC (Jonathan, Lee, Ed S, Ryan) proceed with partnering with Strathcona School for the Screen Off the Green event to be held on March 27th.

Seconded by Mike.


Flyer drop would have to take place one full week prior to the event (w/o March Break March 15-21); flyer would need to be approved and ready for printing w/o March 8th. Reminder that AB Printing has generously offered to provide free printing services for the SCC.

Item #5, SCC Meeting Schedule:

Motion by Jonathan: That SCC Meetings alternate between Monday and Tuesday nights.

Seconded by Mike.


Jonathan will distribute new schedule (March meeting to be on a Tuesday – March 10th).

Item #6, Affordable Housing:

Michelle volunteered to be the Affordable Housing SubCommittee Chair. Michelle will begin soliciting interest/participation from the rest of the SCC.

Item #7, Strathcona/Kirkendall Transportation Plan:

SCC needs a volunteer(s) to liaison with the Strathcona/Kirkendall on the Transportation Plan. Dominic and Michelle volunteered; more are welcome. Jonathan to provide details on upcoming meetings.

Item #4, SCC Constitution SubCommittee:

No time left for update; Minutes available for anyone interested. SubCommittee members will bring their suggestions for content to the next meeting, focussing on and starting with the Mission Statement. Jonathan and Lee have no records/Minutes (electronic or hard copy) of any previous approvals of Constitution.


New Topics as per Agenda: 

Hamilton Sports Hall of Fame:

Brian Lewis provided a flyer and email message (via Mike, attached) on a fundraiser for the Dave Andreychuk Foundation/Hamilton Sports Hall of Fame/SCC (attached); SCC to net $750 minimum. To be held at Rolly Rockets, tentatively on March 21st at 7PM; tentative ticket price of $40 includes BBQ meal, live band, silent auction, presentations, speeches. Involved beneficiaries are requested to sell 25 tickets each.

Motion by Mike: That the SCC work with Brian Lewis to promote this event (newsletters, website, etc.).

Seconded by: Celeste


SCC Website & Social Media Management:

  • No time to discuss; very limited discussion ensued .
  • We need someone to update the SCC website for us asap. SCC members are asked to assist with this search.
  • Connie volunteered to tweet SCC/neighbourhood updates; she will confer with Jonathan for clarification as needed. Jonathan will pass along Twitter account info to Connie.

Present Membership Issues:

  • No time to discuss; very limited discussion ensued.
  • Member commentary included that with the growth of the SCC, transparency, accountability and integrity are necessary to send out the right message to residents and to reach SCC goals. New Constitution and by-laws will guide this.
  • Ed C requested that SCC meeting attendance be opened up to the residents of Strathcona to avoid a “closed club” perception and demonstrate a more transparent, inclusive environment. Jonathan responded that this was not feasible; that no other neighbourhood association offers that, lest the meeting result in being entirely unproductive.
  • Michelle recommended that Connie keep the SCC and related SubCommittee Minutes in a binder for all to see at SCC Meetings; Connie (who loves this idea!) will pick up a binder and dividers for the next meeting.

New Topic to Agenda:

If anyone is in contact with Patti Davies, please let Jonathan know.

Meeting Adjourned: 9:45PM

Next Meeting:

Tuesday, March 10, 2015 at 7PM, Zion United Church Rec Centre

Signed:   C. Stefanson (Connie Stefanson, Secretary), February 10, 2015