SCC Executive Meeting — January 12, 2015

Download as PDF: SCC Minutes January 2015

SCC Executive Meeting

Monday, January 12, 2015

7PM – Zion United Church Rec Centre

Meeting commenced: 7:02PM


Jonathan (President), Sgt Gino Ciarmoli (HPS), A/Sgt Steve Whalen (HPS), Dave, Ed, Mark, Brian McHattie, Councillor Johnson, Connie (Secretary), Ed S (VP), Anne, Lee, Michelle (Treasurer), Michael, Celeste


Jason, Jessica, Raychyl, Krist, Greg, Maggie, Jen

Approval of Minutes:

From September: in abeyance (as per December Minutes “Minutes of last official meeting not approved. Members who attended last meeting were not in attendance this evening.”

From December:   Moved by Dave to approve; seconded by Ed S.


Item #1:

Sgt. Ciarmoli reports that for the period of December 1, 2014 through January 10, 2015, in the Strathcona neighbourhood, there was one robbery, two residential B&E’s, and two car thefts. This data can now be found via a new HPS tool available through the HPS website. The data shows incidences (to within a block, approximately) and is updated every 24 hours. Data is searchable up to 60 days prior and will soon be linked to CrimeStoppers; suspicious activity can also be reported this way and is helpful for the HPS to have on file. Sgt. Ciarmoli is available to answer questions, or 905-540-5093.

Item #2:

  1. Councillor Johnson brought guest, ex Ward One councillor Brian McHattie, and introduced him in his new role as a sustainable development consultant, currently working with Paul Shaker and David Premi . Brian reports that he is currently consulting on behalf of developer Luciano Mandarino (Locke Street developer) on a project of 7 storeys, 84 units, with mixed use on the ground level – located on Main West between and off Strathcona and Margaret. A public consultation meeting is planned for mid-February, prior to the official meeting with the City.
  1. Vrancor continues discussions with the interested buyer of Mount St. Joseph’s, an entrepreneur from Oakville; Councillor Johnson continues discussions with Jason Thorne (City of Hamilton, GM of Planning & Ec Dev); City Heritage investigation continues; no new details to report at this moment.
  2. A full north to south Dundurn bus route probably won’t be up for discussion until the City Master Transportation Plan is addressed again (late 2015, early 2016).
  3. No update at this time on the Shoppers Drug Mart redevelopment/settlement

Additional items:

  1. Need for social housing (including that for seniors) to be addressed in Strathcona (and City in general); SCC discussed creating a Social Housing Subcommittee and slated for Agenda at February Executive meeting; was recommended to have a rep from the Hamilton Community Land Trust present (Krist or other) and a rep from the City’s Housing Department (Councillor Johnson could recommend).
  2. Anyone interested in working with the City’s Seniors Advisory Committee and/or the Hamilton Council on Aging can contact SCC member Lee or Councillor Johnson.
  3. Cho Sun OK Korean BBQ restaurant (85 Queen St. N. at York) has applied for a liquor license. Councillor Johnson looking to meet with owners.
  4. Olga’s (King West/Strathcona) has closed and moved to Burlington. Jonathan reports that the property owner plans to redevelop to staffed public/student rental housing; rezoning presumably needed (institutional to rental) so any other details to come via Councillor Johnson.
  5. Several Ash trees in Victoria Park have been chopped down to combat the current Ash Borer infestation. New, established trees will be planted in the spring to replace those lost.
  6. Councillor Johnson in continued discussions regarding details on the opening of the Victoria Park café.
  7. Hamilton City Council will vote this Wednesday (January 14th) on whether or not to continue with a modified bus lane (invariably linked to LRT); Councillor Johnson will continue his staunch support of both.
  8. The sales office located at Barton/Locke has had by-law fines applied and the development is currently frozen.

Item #3:

Councillor Johnson reports that there is interest in a joint Kirkendall Neighbourhood Association (KNA) / SCC ad hoc committee to address transportation within both neighbourhoods. Strathcona already has a recent, approved transit plan already in place. Councillor Johnson will apprise the SCC if/when this joint committee is approved (by both sides) and a representative(s) from the SCC can be determined at that time, probably in February. The Councillor sent the Strathcona Transportation Master Plan link to Jonathan for SCC distribution and to be added to the SCC website.

Item #4:

No update at this moment on the Screen OFF the Green with Strathcona School; Jonathan/Lee to update SCC members via email; still shooting for a date in and around Family Day (Monday, February 9th).


This would be SCC and Strathcona School Partnership. It is suggested that SAGE would be promoted with this event (To be decided).

Item #5:

No update at this time on the SCC Constitution Subcommittee (Michelle, Dominic, Ed, Mike, Lee, Santo); Lee to continue to collect Constitution material. Jonathan motioned for Subcommittee to convene outside of SCC Executive; seconded by Ed S.

Item #6:

Jonathan reports that some members have requested resuming the alternate Monday/Tuesday scheduling of SCC meetings. Discussion ensued. The SCC Executive meeting schedule to remain as is; no changes at this time. Absent members are encouraged to participate via email.

New Topics to Agenda:

Item #7:

The Hamilton Sports Hall of Fame item, submitted by Brian Lewis, is on hold (Brian absent).

Item #8:

Michelle’s concerns regarding definition of democracy to be addressed and included in the new SCC Constitution (mission, guidelines, meeting/member behaviour, process).

Item #9:

Jonathan reports that a volunteer position is available to rep the SCC on the Police Superintendents Advisory Committee. Michelle and Celeste expressed interest in volunteering for this position. Someone suggested emailing the opportunity to all SCC members. Discussion ensued. Dave motioned for Celeste to be the rep; Ed S seconded.

Meeting Adjourned:


Next Meeting:

Monday, February 9, 2015 at 7PM, Zion United Church Rec Centre

Signed:   C. Stefanson (Connie Stefanson, Secretary), January 28, 2015