SCC Executive Meeting — December 8, 2014

Download as PDF: SCC Minutes 2014 December

Strathcona Community Council Executive

Meeting held on December 8, 2014

At Zion Korean United Church


In attendance: Jonathan (President), Mark, Ed (VP), Lee, Dave, Mike, Anna, Michelle (Treasurer), Dominic, Rachel, Celeste, Ryan, Jessica, Cllr. Johnson, Sgt Ciarmoli

Regrets: Greg, Krist, Monica, Jen, Connie, Brian

Resigned: Dawn Graham

We now have 26 members of executive

Notation from Lee: The constitution, there is the original version and there is an updated version. Question: Who has copies and of which version?


Agenda Items:

Sgt Gino Ciarmoli will be coming late

Councillor Aidan Johnson will be coming late

Approval of Minutes:

Minutes of last official meeting not approved. Members who attended last meeting were not in attendance this evening.

Bitcoin Presentation at The Staircase:

Remarks were that the presentation was good despite the small turnout due to the weather. We can look at new venues to hold at The Staircase since their goal is to open more often.

West Hamilton Seniors:

This group was created last November, its mission is to create health and wellness for seniors in the area. They want seniors to able to address fitness, they have knitting and crocheting clubs, they play cards and board games.

On Friday December 12, 2014 at St Joseph’s Catholic School, they are holding a Christmas event. The school choir and eukele choir will be performing. Turkey Rhubarb will be performing as well. There is parking available, the location of event is in the Locke and Herkimer area. Please contact Dominic if you have questions.

West Hamilton Seniors (cont):

This group focuses on people who are 55 or older. They plan to serve tea, water and biscuits. Any students who need volunteer hours are welcomed to be involved.

Councillor Aidan Johnson:

He just came from the Heritage Committee meeting with the following points:

-Sisters of St Joseph was an orphanage

-Mr Vranich is the owner

– no demolition order has come thru

-Mr Vranich submitted demolition process during the municipal election process

-Heritage process is long and involved

-this building not designated as heritage

-he mentioned Jason Thorne, who sits on the planning committee

-discussions underway with Vranich, Steve Robichaud, Jason Thorne, and potential buyers of the building.

Vote on Bus Lane coming up:

  • One year test is complete
  • environmentalists are at odds with each other
  • education process is needed
  • adaptive plan of the lane has been spoken of


HSR bus going North to South on Dundurn:


This process is still ongoing

The HSR has proposals to present


Shopper’s Drugmart:


Concerns are as follows:

-blueprint does not address some items

– access concerns at Dundurn and Hunt

-absence of safe pedestrian access at Dundurn and Hunt

-concerns about vehicle access to Hunt St.

-where is the OMB on this? OMB accepts settlement between City and Shoppers. No disputes


Sgt Gino Cermoli: (sp?)

He will be continuing as our liaison with the police. He gave a crime update from November 1 to December 8, 2014:

  • 2 break and enters, which one was at commercial location, the other at a church
  • 1 auto theft in which owner of vehicle left care unlocked.
  • Neighbourhood residents should be wary of letting people into your home who come to your door either representing themselves as a charity or utility. Never give out personal bank info .or credit card info.
  • There were complaints during the month of September that others were saying they were Reliance Home Energy reps.
  • If neighbours report suspicious activity to police, they function on a priority first basis; however he assured that all calls would be addressed at some point.
  • A superintendent meeting that was to be held on Nov 23, has been rescheduled for Jan 2015.
  • Talked about upcoming Pan Am games and role of police regarding security. OPP has the lead on this



Screen off the Green:


  • describe the weather events of the Screen On the Green in September.
    A storm blew in that night. Movie was cancelled
  • Discussion about holding an event in a hall, maybe in Zion or Eskine churchs. Around Family Day in February 2015.
  • In light of the weather, Screen On the Green needs to set a rain date instead of an alternate location. Talked about application process with the city for a rain date. Does the SEAT application accept rain dates?


-If using the churches there are insurance liability issues, if church agrees then there are no issues.

– could use Strathcona School, they could charge for insurance, they can charge for rental fee

– it is unknown how many people Erskine Hall or Zion can hold


  • the school may pay for insurance if per se a school choir was utilized-contact rep from Strathcona Elementary School Group, liaison with family council.




Strathcona Community Council Constitution:


  • a constitution originally drawn up in 1994, however that group went defunct.
  • Approx 2004, to SCC started up again, a new constitution was drawn up.
  • Not clear who has which copies of the two documents
  • Discussion around forming a sub-committee to address all the issues related to the Constitution.
  • The constitution needs to be looked at
  • There is no political action committee (PAC),
  • Talked about what an neighbourhood assembly might look like
  • Michelle, Dominic, Ed and Mike volunteered to form a sub committee for Constitutional issues
  • There are approx 7,000 residents in the neighbourhood, and all residents are considered members.



  • this group is based from Sherman and Main neighbourhood. They volunteered every year for the Screen on the Green
  • they are submitting a grant proposal for a community use trailer and there are requesting a letter of recommendation from the SCC
  • Jonathan is preparing a draft of that letter to send out to the executive.


  • Jonathon explained that a meeting will be set up to deal with incoming treasurer.

Gift to McHattie:

  • It was approved by last year’s Executive
  • discussion around giving a Jelly Bros map of the neighbourhood to Mr McHattie
  • the cost would be approx $60
  • boundaries of the neighbourhood are Queen St to Hwy
  • Mains St down to the Bay, Stuart Street , the tracks



Snack Bar / Rink:

  • located in Victoria Park
  • Renovations almost complete
  • It looks like a café
  • It is hopeful, it will open soon
  • The structure is public property, however it will be a not for profit that will be running the snack bar
  • Skating rink can be made if there are 5 consecutive days -5c or colder in order for the rink to set


Meetings to be held during the 2nd week of the month, Monday was the agreed upon day.

Plans for the future

Some discussion about having a Strathcona Potluck, could bring out new faces in the neighbourhood. People like meeting over food.