SCC Executive Meeting — November 13, 2014

Download as PDF: Nov13 2014 Annual General Meeting Agenda MINUTES

Agenda & Ballot

Strathcona Community Council Annual General Meeting

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

7:00 PM

Zion Korean United Church

Napier St. Rec Centre Entrance


Welcome: Please sign in and declare if you would like to become a member of the executive.


Activity 1 – 7:00-7:40 – Speed-Date the Neighbourhood


Eight tables of local business, activists, and public services. Attendees will pick a table at the start and rotate from one table to the next when signalled. Each table will give attendees a quick summary of their topic. Permitting for some quick questions and answers.


Activity 2 – 7:40-7:50 – Break and Open Discussion


Please, take this time to follow up with any table you found interesting and to partake of the free snacks and drinks.


Activity 3 – 7:50-8:10 – Thank you to Councillor Brian McHattie and his staff and Introduction of incoming Councillor Aidan Johnson


Unfortunately Cllr. McHattie is unable to attend do to other engagements out of the city.


Dale Brown, Executive Assistant to Brian McHattie, read a statement from Brian.


Introduction by Councillor Elect, Aidan Johnson.



Activity 4 – 8:10-8:20 – SCC AGM formal procedure


  1. Introduction by President Jonathan Therien
  • Thank yous: Rolly (Support/food for Screen on the Green – will step up as full sponsor next year!), Young Kim (Zion – great space, so much potential), Midas and De la Sol (sponsor food box depot at York and Locke), Sam Marcazy (donation of chocolate eggs for egg hunt – thanks Dom Sorbara for the hook up), AB Best (sponsoring printed posters), Maggie Steele (connected with the Connolly – Easter egg hunt and banner for SOTG), Allegra (Carson Taylor — lots of free posters), HVS (providing SOTG equipment), HARRRP (Larry Collinson – support with SOTG, provided the cotton candy and popcorn machines), Krist Hayes (connecting with Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation), JC Patissier (donations of goodies at various events).
  1. Reading of the minutes by Secretary Monica Palkowski
  • Accepted by Dawn Graham, Krist Hayes, Greg Tedesco, Jess Aird, Monica Palkowski, Jen Dawson, Jonathan Therien, Maggie Steele
  1. Treasurer’s Report by Dawn Graham
  • Opening balance: $1558.45
  • Closing balance: $1360.94

*** After the meeting Chris White approached Dawn to tell her that the numbers were off by $100.  Dawn explained that Monica read the BANK BALANCE from the 2013 minutes and Dawn read the TOTAL BALANCE (including float) as the starting balance.  He rightly pointed out that the two numbers MUST be the same to avoid confusion. Moving forward the Treasurer’s Report will always state the TOTAL BALANCE.



Accepted: Dom, Jon, Lennox, Monica

  1. Presidents Annual Summary by Jonathan Therien
  • An interesting, tumultuous year — municipal election, public art project, exciting events (new and continuing). Lots of volunteers this year contributed to our success. Dom, thanks for stepping up on so many initiatives. Krist, thanks for great work on posters, media. Despite challenges, many successes – the SCC about facilitating the interests and activities of the residents. Have enjoyed time as president.


Activity 5 – 8:20-9:15 – Election


All residents of Strathcona are asked to participate.

President will declare who is stepping down from the executive and thank them.


2014 SCC Executive

President: Jonathan Thierien

Vice President: Jen Dawson – stepping down

Treasurer: Dawn Graham – stepping down

Secretary: Monica Palkowski – stepping down

Members at Large:

Krist Hayes (Social Media Co-ordinator)

Maggie Steele

Deirdre Pike – stepping down

Rachyl Whyte

Dominic Sorbara

Greg Tedesco

Jessica Aird

Jason Leach

Dave McLaughlin

Patti Davies



  1. Nominees for the Executive Council positions of Members at Large will be announced. A show of hands in support or against will be called.


New Members at Large stand to indicate intention to join SCC.


Anne Lavigne
Brian Lewis
Celeste Gallant
Christine Goeller
Connie Stefanson
Ed Castonguay
Karen Reiner
Michael Power
Michelle Hruschka
Ryan Price

All new Members at Large accepted.



  1. Nominees for the Executive positions of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Media Officer will be announced and elected. If a position has more than one nominee then there will be a secret-ballot.


Candidates for 2015 Executive:

President – Jonathan and Santo Barbieri

VP – Ed Shaw (unopposed)

Secretary – Connie Stefanson (unopposed)

Treasurer – Michelle Hruschka (unopposed)


Secret ballot will be used choose a candidate for the position of President.


Jen Dawson: Santo Barbieri has brought list of names/signatures in support of him as SCC President. Open floor to discussion.


Santo B: A lot of people wanted to be here but were not able to attend meeting for various reasons. Collected names and contact info for people in neighbourhood who wanted to vote for me as president but were not able to attend.

Jess Aird: Were any signatories interested in being involved with SCC? (e.g. as MAL?)

Santo B: Not really, lots of people hadn’t heard of the SCC.

Jen Dawson: Opening the floor for discussion – can we accept the signatures as votes?

Ed Castonguay I don’t think you can bring in people’s names — not a fair approach.

Mike Power: Can we do co-presidents? Seems to be tension between candidates. Collaborative approach.

Michelle Hruschka: Issues with SCC. Everyone is neighbourhood is a member, all should be part of decision making. E.g Frankie Venom issue. Don’t feel present group is democratic. Don’t feel that Santo is in the wrong.

Chris White: Robert’s Rules – need to be used. What Santo did is outside Robert’s Rules.

Santo B: We don’t have any rules – go by constitution

Chris W: Appreciate Santo’s enthusiasm. But not capturing demographic who felt the same way but wanted to vote for Jonathan.

Ed C: We need to vote on this right now and move on.

Celeste Gallant: Been on many committees – have never seen two presidents, it doesn’t work. Would not accept proxy votes – never put on the floor, every single person should have been canvassed if it was to be truly fair.

Mike P: There is precedence for having two chairs – Housing Homelessness Planning Group has co-chairs.

Jen: Open floor to those who want to comment on the idea of electing co-presidents.

Michelle H: No problem with co-prez, more diversity

Anne Lavigne: Lose structure based in oppression/colonialism — create “togetherships”

Gord ?: Have been on many boards, two pres doesn’t work

Rachyl Whyte: Probably would not work. Adversarial tone between Jon and Santo.

Santo B: Open to co-presidency.

Jonathan T: Communication would be more difficult; open to it, but president doesn’t have more authority than anyone else so not really necessary to have 2 of them.

Chris W: President should only vote to break a tie – 2 presidents could result in another tie. Does not work.

Chris Aird: Santo – why would being a co-president be better than being a MAL?

Santo B: MAL has less responsibility than an exec member.

Jonathan: MAL is part of the exec – same level of responsibility.

Mike P: Housing Homelessness Planning Group – used consensus model. More committees are adopting this model.

Ed C: President needs to have skills with diplomacy – don’t think you two could work together. Move to put question to vote

Jill ?: Small organization, how often do you actually vote on decisions? Consensus is probably usually used.


Votes in favour of co-president model: 7

Votes not in favour: 21


Jen: Open floor to comments on proxy voting.


Ed C: Unethical. Anyone could come in with sigs

Carmen: Santo, if you were canvassing neighbourhood, why didn’t you come to my door?

Santo B: there are a lot of houses, I couldn’t get to every one.

Chris McCullen: Why didn’t Jonathan come to my house?

Jonathan T: Can’t reach everyone. We do our best – our flyers usually make it out. Up to individual to choose to participate.

Monica Palkowski: Collecting signatures for a “proxy vote” is not typically done. No candidate has ever done this to my knowledge. This in a tactic that Santo chose to use and there is no precedent for it, that’s why we are discussing it now, that’s why Jonathan did not do it.

Chris M: Playing devil’s advocate – in future more information ahead of time would be appreciated – who is stepping down, etc.

Michelle: Called Jonathan twice and never heard back. Was not able to get involved. I would approve proxy vote.

Aurelia ?: Santo, did you tell Jonathan about proxy vote?

Santo B: Told him tonight at meeting.

Aurelia: Great that more people are interested, being president is a thankless job/lots of work. Concerned that this is not a level playing field because proxy votes were not known ahead of time.

Mike P: Does it set a bad precedent to reject these names? Legitimacy comes from the fact that you reach out and try to communicate from people. Select few knew about meeting. Petition has weight.

Ed C: People who feel left out of process should put forth for MAL. Seems like SCC may not communicating correctly, but this doesn’t affect this vote right now on proxy. If proxy voted in then guidelines must be set.

Chris A: Santo hijacked the vote. Jonathan should be allowed same amount of time to gather votes.

Dom Sorbara: Jonathan should be allowed same amount of time to gather votes.


Votes in favour to accept proxy votes tonight: 4

Votes not in favour: 24


Jen D: Open floor to discussion of whether or not to delay presidential vote.


Chris W: Move to vote on president tonight

Mike P: Move against – don’t disregard votes.

Chris W: Anyone not here did not take initiative. We came here to vote. New exec can look at changing process next year – not appropriate to make this decision now, on the fly.

Jess A: Logistically, very difficult to post-pone vote. Vote now.

Jill ?: No vote tonight – not ready.

Carmen ?: We should be voting tonight. I came out to vote tonight. One year term only.

Chris A: Would either like to step down and be a MAL?

Jen D: Lets keep to topic!

Jonathan: For delaying vote.

Gord?: We do not have a communication system to get word out. Delay will create more division. Reality is that we must move ahead. Need to improve communication in future. Address the issue that some people feel the SCC is run by a clique.

Anne L: Would candidate who didn’t win stay on as a MAL?

Santo and Jonathan both say yes.


Votes in favour of voting for president tonight: 25

Votes not in favour: 7


Secret ballot vote for 2015 SCC President:

Santo Barbieri: 9

Jonathan Therien: 24


Meeting adjourned at 9:15 pm.