SCC Executive Meeting — October 7th, 2014

Download as PDF: 2014 October Minutes


SCC Executive Meeting

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

7:00 PM

Zion Korean United Church

Napier St. Rec Centre Entrance

In Attendance: Jonathan Therien, Jen Dawson, Monica Palkowski, Sgt. Gino Ciarmoli, Jessica Aird, Deirdre Pike, Maggie Steele

Regrets: Jason Leach, Patti Davies, Isabelle DeFaria, Carla Klassen, Katharine Morrison, Greg Tedesco, Cllr Brian McHattie, Dawn Graham, Dominic Sorbara, Rachyl Whyte, Krist Hayes, Dave McLaughlin


  • Roundtable talk – What’s new/how ya doin
  • Additions or corrections to the agenda
  • Approval of minutes

Invited Guests: Sgt. Gino Ciarmoli, Cllr Brian McHattie, Chris Skrzek



Continuing topics:

  1. Strathcona crime report
  • 3 car thefts (2 cars unlocked)
  • 2 cars vandalized
  • Maggie: Intersection at King & Dundurn is very dangerous – people running lights
  • Gino: High rate of red lights runs; special attention being paid to intersection. Cameras track east-west traffic only. City council decides where traffic cameras are placed. Will follow up with traffic safety officers know about resident concerns.
  • Jonathan: Have asked for increased surveillance re: trucks driving through neighbourhood
  • Gino: Any concerns re: truck routes, email me
  • Deirdre: Had a meeting with Staff Sergeant Dave Henneck re: Mary’s Place. Deirdre has been trying to manage complaints and concerns from neighbours re: some issues with residents (e.g. yelling). Discussed implementing action team. Education piece needed – shortage of shelter beds for women; Mary’s currently offering 10 overflow spaces (30 beds total) until June.
  1. Ward One Information
    1. Pedestrian bridge on Pearl open
  • Picnic planned for grand opening
    1. Following up on HSR bus route changes – Dundurn and Locke
  • Jonathan: Trying to follow up with Brian before election. HSR supposed to get back to SCC by mid-October
  1. UPDATE: West Hamilton Seniors – Dominic

Jonathan: Group is up and running; regular game and activity nights taking place

  1. UPDATE: Meet, Greet n’ Eat: Ward One Candidates Soup Potluck
    1. Set the date – Monday, October 20th
    2. Choose location – Erskine Church
    3. Materials needed – ask candidates to bring a ladle and crockpot for soup. Spoons, microphones, and tables at Erskine. SCC will bring Tim Hortons cups for serving, extra ladles, extension cords.
    4. Plan – All but one candidate (Tony Greco) have RSVP’d. SCC set-up at 6 pm, candidates arrive at 6:30 pm. Doors open at 7 pm, and candidate give quick explanation of their soup. Jen will put together flyers.
  2. UPDATE: Bitcoin Presentation at The Staircase – Monday November 24th 6PM – 9PM
    1. Invite other participants: businesses, and counterpoint rep
  • Chris: There is a metal manufacturer in neighbourhood who uses Bitcoin. Chris will contact.
  • Someone from McMaster or a bank could offer counterpoint.
    1. Plan to cover cost of facility – no fee for space
    2. Materials/resources needed
  1. Screen off the Green
    1. Date & Location?
  • Jen: Erskine Church?
  • Monica: Has contact at Hess Street School, will get more info.
  1. Cathedral Dog Park – Open?
  • Holes in fence by tracks/road?

New Topics:

  1. Annual General Meeting – Thurs, November 27
    1. Date & location? Jen: Zion Church would be easiest location
    2. Subcommittee
    3. Ideas?
  • Jonathan: Chris could do 2 min presentation on Bitcoin. Thank yous and appreciation (businesses and volunteers). SCC Executive business.
  • Jen: Speed dating type event? 5-10 minute presentations by different groups, residents can cycle through. E.g. HSR, public art (Ken Coit?), Bitcoin, Little Free Library, Shoppers, Staircase, Environment Hamilton/Good Food Box, etc.
  1. Book Swap/Little Free Library – requested by residents
  • Monica: Can make libraries and put in neighbourhood, or buy library from LFL. Can also join LFL group to gain access to directory, resources. Group in north end (North End Neighbours) has applied for a grant through Hamilton Community Fund for LFL project. Monica will connect.
  1. Treasury Report – spent $93.70 on Ward 1 debate (facility cost). $207 for Screen on Green. Balance of 1586.80.
  2. Thank you cards
  • Maggie: Just need council’s approval on design.
  • Council approved (decided to remove “thank you” – just use logo)
  • Decision to order 100 cards


  1. Hopes and dreams for Strathcona going into 2015
  • Deirdre: increase education about women’s homelessness in city and Mary’s Place
  • Maggie: More people on Executive!