SCC Executive Meeting May 12, 2014

Attending: Jonathan Therien, Dawn Graham, Jen Dawson, Dave McLaughlin, Monica Palkowski, Jason Leach, Dominic Sorbara, Councillor Brian McHattie

Regrets: Sgt. Gino Ciarmoli, Carla Klassen, Rachyl Whyte, Greg Tedesco, Maggie Steele, Jessica Aird, Dierdre Pike, Krist Hayes

Invited Guests: Sgt. Gino Ciarmoli, Cllr. Brian McHattie

Continuing topics:

Sgt. Ciarmoli sent notes to Jonathan:
There was one residential invasion, did not seem random (targeted) and four break and entries reported (up from last month – could influence of be warmer weather).  There have been a rise in break and enters in student houses in the Westdale area.  There were two thefts from auto – reminder to keep doors locked and valuables hidden.

The Anti-Graffiti project is underway, a coordinated approach being run by The City of Hamilton in partnership with Hamilton Police Services, the Clean City Liaison Committee, Canada Post, Crime Stoppers and CBS Outdoors.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can always call or email Sgt. Ciarmolli

Ward One Updates – Cllr. McHattie

Boulevard Billiards, at 303 York has a new Liquor License Application, Johnathan has made note that they have new owners.  Cllr. McHattie will follow up with the development.  At the 100 Ray St. N. Development (lot behind Stonewalls), there has been no recent news.  At one point there was a tentative plan for a 30 storey condo, Cllr. McHattie has not heard anything recently.

The Dundurn bus route has been scheduled to start Friday, June 20th.  Jason has raised affected residents’ major concerns seem to be focused on traffic calming. Parking on one side of the street helps with traffic calming. How does HSR feel about speed humps?
Brian’s comments: Unwritten rule no speed bumps on bus route but issue could potentially be pushed. Florence street parking should remain unchanged.

Brian has shared with the executive a group from Toronto, Projexity, who work on community project funding and design.  Is this a type of team that can help work on future project ideas such as Victoria Park projects?
Brian’s comments: How much more do we do? Do we need a mini-plan to keep us on track regarding the vision for park? It is important to respect space in park – at point where input from residents is needed. Lots of good ideas through the participatory budget, but many residents feel the park is good as is and that no more changes are needed.

Ideas for Victoria Park:

  • Where in Ward 1 can skateboard park go?
  • Should the community garden be expanded?
  • Can there be an expansion of pool?
  • Improve splash pad?
  • Could there be use for bus turn around – design the space for something new?

Dominic has heard rumours of potential development of Mount St. Joseph’s, Brian comments that he hasn’t heard any new developments at the location.

Dawn raised concerns over Cathedral Park, explaining that she’s witnessed vehicle traffic at the gates, and has seen residents with their dogs.  The concern is with increased pedestrian traffic to park, could it result in increased pedestrian accidents?
Brian’s Comments: We are not going to promote park at this time.

At the Victoria Park field house, there was activity promoting the consistent question, will the café be ready soon. Dave noticed that someone marked a huge box around the property with spray paint which leads to the question, is it going to be a patio?  Brian believes that it is groundwork to address the plumbing issue.

West Hamilton Seniors Planning Committee – Dominic

Officially have a new name – West Hamilton Seniors.  There are plans to incorporate as a charitable non-profit.There will be a public launch event, a Wellness Fair, on Thursday, June 19th from 12 – 4 pm.  This is to tie in with seniors month, and will help raise awareness for issues such as abuse, safety, and prevention.  The event will need volunteers.  Brian suggests that Dominic follow up with his office to look for sponsoring.

The committee is doing a survey of facilities for seniors by neighbourhood for all neighbourhoods in ward one. Another goal of the committee is to encourage more activities for seniors, especially in Strathcona. An ultimate goal of the committee is to advocate for seniors in ward one. The committee is looking for more members from Westdale and Ainslie Wood.

Shoppers Drug Mart Redevelopment at the OMB – Jen/Jonathan

The process is moving ahead slowly.  There are several Participants from neighbourhood: Jen/Jon and two property owners in Strathcona.  The City of Hamilton lawyer challenged Jonathan regarding registering as SCC (Participant), as the SCC is not incorporated, but the OMB granted the registration.  There are 4 different appeals in process, as the Developers are appealing our secondary plan, citing that it will hold up their process.  Shoppers is repealing zoning as the site is currently zoned commercial, and their development will be mixed use residential.  Executive is hoping that there will be a stipulation that housing will be built first to avoid commercial creeping.

The hearing is scheduled for February, and Brian is clear that he wants feedback from the community before this hearing.  There is a teleconference between the OMB and Shoppers scheduled in May. There is a pre-hearing in July, to potentially combine the appeals into one hearing.

Jen has stressed that we need to collect residents concerns and have constructive ideas. Jonathan has suggested the potential for a meeting hosted by Cllr. McHattie that will include the city planners, possibly in a workshop format.  Brian explained that he is meeting with IBI, the consultancy group employed by Shoppers to discuss the development.  There was a discussion about having a small meeting between Brian, planners, IBI and the SCC to come to a full understanding of how to best create some public process and work out the best solution for all parties involved.  Meeting TBD.

Team Up to Clean Up – April 26 – Jonathan

This event was pretty successful! It was not only SCC members who came out, lots of residents showed up too.  There was a racial slur found in the tube in park.  Volunteers covered 11 city blocks, and the city gave us a certificate for being involved in the clean up.  This was a great opportunity to offer coffee have chats with residents, was set up like an SCC open house.  Thanks to everyone who came out.

Executive comments:  Anything racial/gang related will be removed within 12 hours by police – contact Sgt. Ciarmoli.

Easter Egg Hunt – April 19 – Jonathan

The egg hunt was very successful. There was a slightly larger turnout than last year. We had 6000 chocolates spread throughout Victoria Park.  The Boys and Girls Club and the Great Big Theatre Company both showed up.  Big thanks to Dominic and Jonathan for organizing the amount of chocolate available. We need to send out thank you notes to Stanton Renaissance and Fortinos for sponsoring and BGCH/GBTC for attending.  We received a lot of positive parental feedback during the event, and Jonathan received some emails afterwards saying thanks.

Victoria Park Clean Up with Strathcona Elementary CCC Committee – April 17 – Jonathan

This was the first opportunity for the SCC to team up with the Community, Character and Caring Committee through the school.  The Boys and Girls Club also attended to help clean the park.

Public Art Project Meeting April 17

Public meeting went quite smoothly; was generally positive.  This was a good test for the Zion Rec. Centre as a public meeting space.  The public art project is “frozen” at this point – and Frankie Venom idea is off the table.  Brian explains that there is still money for a project, it is just on hold.  There is talk of potentially blending this project with the City’s music strategy, and to tie it with the upcoming 2015 Juno awards.  As a result of this meeting, about 8 new people signed up for the SCC email list.

New Topics

  • Barton-Tiffany Development Project – concern from executive member, should we hold a public meeting to inform Strathcona about this project?
  • Mobility Hub Focus Group – James St. N. – Maggie (Tabled until next meeting)
  • Park Day – Where (Victoria or Tom), shared some ideas, stressed that promotion needs to happen ASAP
  • Victoria Park Community Gardens Plant Swap – Saturday June 7
  • 1st Neighbourhood Forum – Where, When – sharing minutes, executive schedule, info meeting for Shoppers


  • Things to do going into summer?
  • Any interest in a community garage sale?
  • Our role and responsibilities in the coming elections? Provincial June 12, Municipal October 27
  • Get flyer out regarding Community Garden, WHS, Tag the Park – Park Day.

**** Items 12 to 15 tabled until next meeting – not enough members present to discuss

Download a PDF of the May Meeting Minutes: MaySCCMinutes