Welcome to the Great Big Theatre Company

The Strathcona neighbourhood has recently become home to a new organization that could cause some to dub the area the “Performance Hub” of the city.  You can add the Great Big Theatre Company to the impressive list of performing arts vendors* in our backyard.

The Great Big Theatre Company is a non-profit charitable organization that has been delivering youth arts programming in southern Ontario for the last 20 years and have proudly served over 200 000 children in that time.

Where can we find them?

Part of the big news is that they will be calling the Zion United Community Recreation Centre home.  They will be using much of the (gigantic) basement to run their lessons and camps.  The Executive Director, Charles Small and his wife, Lily Small, the company’s Artistic Director, gave our executive team a tour on Tuesday of their programming space, and we were honestly a bit shocked at how much they will have to work with.  The theatre space has a stage and room for an audience of at least 120 people!  As they start up their programming over the next few months, we will ensure we snap some pictures of this fantastic addition to the neighbourhood.

*List of preforming arts vendors in the Strathcona neighbourhood includes:

  • Bel Canto Strings Academy on York Blvd
  • The Great Big Theatre Company on Pearl St. N.
  • The Lyric Theatre on King St. W.
  • Soundsmiths music lessons at Locke and York
  • The Staircase Theatre on Dundurn St.