Tree Damage resulting from the Ice Storm

Residents are encouraged to call the City at 905-546-CITY or email if they have tree damage, branches or limbs remaining to be collected that have not already been called in. This will ensure the request is logged properly for appropriate action.

Residents who are able to cut and bundle their brush to four-foot lengths will have their brush collected as part of normal waste collection services.  All other tree material will be collected at a later date by crews with chainsaws and chippers.  Please ensure branches do not block sidewalks and roads.

The City is cautioning homeowners who are using contractors to address their private trees to ensure the contractor is a certified arborist who can demonstrate insurance against property damage and ensure they have a clearance certificate from the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).

Once the cleanup work is completed, Forestry staff will be focusing on replanting new trees to help replace those that were lost in the two 2013 storms.  Residents who would like to participate in the City’s Street Tree Planting Program can get a free tree planted in the City-owned portion of their property. For more information about the program and eligibility criteria please call 905-546-CITY or visit