Lock it or Lose it – Vehicle Security Audit

With the nice weather comes more activity (positive and otherwise) in the ‘hood.  In recent weeks there has been a spike in theft-from-autos in Strathcona so the Crime Manager’s office would like to once again remind folks to lock their vehicles and not to leave any items in plain sight.

In an effort to reinforce this advice, volunteers have begun to canvass the neighbourhood after hours to access the security/vulnerability of resident’s vehicles.  The results of their first audit appear below (and unfortunately Strathcona, the results are not great).  Please read the attached document and take the extra couple of minutes to remove items from your vehicle that might otherwise make you a target.  In the end, it could actually save you time (and spare you a major headache!).
vehicle theft

Vehicle Audit Results

Volunteers conducted the first audit of Strathcona.
They focused on the area of Strathcona Ave N on Tuesday May 7th. Of the 91 cars that were examined, 56 passed and 36 failed.  That is only a 62% success rate.   
That means 38% of the vehicles inspected had:   
A)      The vehicle unlocked;
B)      The Vehicle unlocked with keys in view;
C)      Window(s) open;
D)      Valuables in plain view;
E)      Or any combination of these 4 factors.  
It is crucial that the community be cognizant of these factors as we are well aware that suspects who complete these acts only target vehicles when one or more are these factors are present.