Hamilton Solid Waste Review Update


As you may know, the City of Hamilton is currently conducting a review of its Solid Waste Management Master Plan (SWMMP). The Review has examined Hamilton’s current waste management system and identified opportunities for increasing diversion. It has also consulted the community on updating the SWMMP’s Guiding Principles, developing goals and objectives, and how the City should manage Hamilton’s residential solid waste over the next 25 years.

Please find attached the proposed draft directions for Hamilton’s 2011 SWMMP. The document is one of two that will present the proposed future directions for Hamilton’s SWMMP. The second document will be distributed in the coming weeks providing additional information on these directions. The attached document is also available for download at www.hamiltonwastereview.ca.

Have your say – please review the proposed directions and let us know what you think:

·         What are your impressions of the proposed directions for the Master Plan?

·         Do you think these directions will help Hamilton to increase waste diversion?

·         What do you see as the main obstacles or barriers to implementing these proposed directions?

·         Do you think these proposed directions will help to adequately manage the City’s waste for the next 25 years?  If not, what will?

·         What other comments or thoughts do you have regarding the proposed directions?

Comments can be e-mailed to comments@hamiltonwastereview.ca by November 25. Please see the project website for other ways to get involved.

We look forward to your input on these directions and on the future of how residential solid waste is managed in Hamilton. We invite you to forward this e-mail to any you feel may be interested. If you are an association or an organization, we invite you to distribute this e-mail to your members and to discuss it with them.


Jean-Louis Gaudet