Good Shepherd Square: Construction Update

An update from the construction folks on the Good Shepherd Square development:

Councillor McHattie:

As part of Good Shepherd’s commitment to provide updates to you and your constituents on the construction activity at the Good Shepherd Square, please be advised as follows for the week ending August 21st:

Work Underway: the installation of caissons for support of the excavation along Pearl has progressed well. The dry weather conditions of the past week assisted in the progress. About half of the caissons are installed with the steel supports grouted into the augered openings.

Work next week: It is anticipated that the caisson installation will continue all week. Work will also begin with the installation of the storm sewer piping along the property line of Pearl Street. Other site offices or trailers may also be installed.

Next few weeks: caisson installation will continue. Within two weeks, the contractor will begin the delivery and installation of the shoring behind the caissons. Installation of services on Pearl will begin and site excavation will follow.

I trust this information will assist you and your constituents.

Peter C Lampman
Housing Development Consultant
Good Shepherd Centres