Strathcona Transportation Plan update

An update from Councillor McHattie on the Strathcona Transportation Master Plan:

Strathcona –
As many of you know the Strathcona Master Transportation Plan has been temporarily slowed down as a decision about the location of the east-west Light Rail Transit project has not yet been made, and will influence transportation patterns in the area. We are awaiting the results of the studies and a decision by Metrolinx which should come by this November. This means that the Strathcona Master Transportation Plan should be up and running again by January 2010. Just to remind you the Strathcona Secondary Plan (the master land use planning document for the neighbourhood) was also put on hold, wating for the Transportation Plan, and this will move ahead in 2010 also.

In the meantime, please visit the website location below which contains all of the community feedback received to date on transportation challenges in Strathcona. Note that I’ve included the Kirkendall neighbourhood in this email as the two areas share Main Street as a boundary and many of us cross back and forth between the two neighbourhoods all of the time.

Please see all information on the Strathcona Master Transportation Plan at